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Ajar sri 11.9.2019 18:55
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Da li netko zna gdje u Cpanelu pod File Manager promijeniti naslovnu sliku web stranice?



 eo upute na nehrvatskom:


If you simply need to replace an existing image in File Manager, that can be done in cPanel > File Manager > Web root (or click in the left hand pane on public_html). Find the image that needs to be changed, then click on upload in the folder where the image is located. In the upload window, you will have a browse option, click browse and find the image locally that you need to upload and overwrite. Upon selecting it, you will receive this prompt in cPanel's File Manager:

"The file filename already exists on the server in the directory /home/username/public_html. It was last modified on date.
Do you want to continue your upload and overwrite it?"
You would select yes for this prompt to overwrite the file.


ak ti treba prijevod, uporabi čarobnu riječ