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Escape from Tarkov

pirat uto 12.1.2016 16:39

Neznam jel bilo,neda mi se sad cijela tema čitati. 

Uglavnom neki zanimljivi odgovori na neka zanimljiva pitanja...i system requirements.


Q: How the third-person view will be used in the game?
A: We are probably going to make separate servers with third-person as an option.
Q: Will the game allow adding player mods, player quests, raids, etc?
A: For the most part, no, since it is an online game. However, we favor the idea of letting players add their own items, as long as they pass our check and get approved.

Q: Will there be radios, comms interception, binoculars?
A: Yes.
Q: Are there going to be narrative videos, as in some other projects?
A: Yes, there are going to be pre-scenario engine-based cinematics.
Q: Do you plan to include stationary heavy weapons?
A: We’re considering it.
Q: How will the maps be limited and what obstacles will keep the character from escaping the city?
A: Roadblocks, minefields, snipers, slashings etc.
Q: Does weapon modding and maintenance require tools? Will the weapons have an operating resource?
A: Yes, you will need a repair kit for maintenance and a multitool for some of the modding. The weapons will have a durability resource, it will deteriorate both physically and visually.
Q: In a huge city like Tarkov there are bound to be some banks, are we going to be able to rob them?
A: Yes, there will be one of the TARBANK branches.

Q: How many weapons can I take with me into the raid?
A: One on the belt, one on the back, pistol in a holster, knife in a scabbard. You can also take a small-sized weapon in your backpack.

Q: How do you eat in this game? Are there going to be safe zones, where you can eat?
A: There will be no safe zones at the game locations, you will be safe only outside of the raid.So you will have to eat carefully.
Q: Players will manage their own prices for the items, don’t you think that this will make some items incredibly cheap?
A: This is economy and this is how it works in real life. If the item is cheap, then it is widespread enough to be cheap.
Q: Is there going to be an animation of the healing?
A: Possibly.
Q: Will there be a map? Are we going to able put markers on the map?
A: Yes.
Q: Are we going to be able to paint our weapons or put some stickers?
A: There will be patterns and paint to paint your weapons with camouflages.
Q: Will the playable character model move its head to look around?
A: We do plan to make the head movement control.
Q: Will there be a way to interrupt the reloading of another player if we shoot him in the hand?
A: We haven’t thought of that… yet.
Q: Is there going to be level destruction?
A: The levels and level elements will be destructible to a certain extent, but we don’t promise total destruction.
Q: Will weapon deteriorate over time and how will it affect weapon?
A: It will affect its stats negatively, it will jam and misfire more often, and fall to all other sorts of trouble.
Q: Will different weapons have different durability?
A: Yes.
Q: Will game have standing / crouch / lying positions?
A: Yes.
Q: Are we going to fire from the cover? Can we blindly fire from cover?
A: Yes, this is planned.
Q: Are we going to “stick” to covers?
A: Most definitely, there will be no sticking to cover.
Q: Is there an ability to customize gear for your own needs? Will it affect gameplay?
A: Yes. It will affect accessibility of mags to reload your weapon (only mags that stored in the vest and pockets are counted). Also we plan to make a vest editor for MOLLE system based vests.
Q: How does the player damage system works?
A: There will be no regeneration. There will be bleedings, fractures, pain shocks and so on – you will have to treat it all with special medical items, apply them to the damaged parts, watch for side effects and so on.

Q: Will our progress and loot be saved if we will survive?
A: Everything that you’ve gained during the raid, will be yours, if you will leave the raid location alive.
Q: How does the loot items look like in the game? How, where and at which conditions it will spawn?
A: There will be loot of various rareness and it will spawn at locations at different places, in containers. Specific loot will spawn at specific locations (facility, center of the city). Rare loot items will spawn at places, where no one looked, (hard to access places, closed rooms and so on). For each raid, lootable items are being generated over again.
Q: How random will the story-essential loot be? Will there any particular place where we can easily spot it?
A: The loot of this kind will always switch the spawn locations and discovery conditions (e.g. door access codes).
Q: Will there be rare or even unique items in game – weapons, equipment, etc – with a low chance of finding?
A: Yes.

Q: Can the internal clan/squad member comms (e.g. over radio) be overheard by other players at some particular distance?
A: Yes, we are planning to have the extended radio management – frequency search, loop bearing, scrambling, etc.

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64 Bit)
Processor: Dual-core processor 2.4 GHz (Intel Core 2 Duo, i3), 2.6 GHz (AMD Athlon, Phenom II)
Graphics Card: DX9 compatible graphics card with 1 GB memory
Sound: DirectX compatible audio card
Network: permanent connection to the Internet
Disk space: from 8 GB

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64 Bit)
Processor: quad-core processor 3.2 GHz (Intel i5, i7), от 3.6 GHz (AMD FX, Athlon)
RAM: from 8 GB
Graphics Card: DX11 compatible graphics card with 2 GB or more of memory
Sound: DirectX compatible audio card
Network: permanent connection to the Internet
Disk space: from 8 GB

Volume pet 11.3.2016 16:28
Skilledžija kaže...

Ja čekam betu pa ćemo onda odlučiti što i kako dalje.

Da ne bi bilo kao sa Divisionom.

Ma nije Division uopće loš koliko se meni ne sviđa taj rpg stil igre... Iskreno ja sam ga kupia na osnovu par pogledanih screenshot-ova i iz razloga šta se o njemu priča. Betu nisam ni proba pa nisam ni zna šta me čeka, tako da je ta kupovina moja greška, ali igra ka igra je čisto ok za onog kome se takvo nešto sviđa

CyberDemonVZ kaže...

 Nema vise preordera za mene.


Ja bi na tvom mjestu cekao da neki od "key ducana" stavi preorder. Obicno su dosta jeftiniji.


Preorder sam mislia napraviti kod njih jer time imaš osiguran pristup beti koja je tribala početi ovaj misec. U slučaju da ti se ne svidi jednostavno napraviš refund i nisi na nikakvom gubitku

Ali evo sad čitam na netu da je to sve skupa dobilo odgodu. Igra nije ni blizu alpha verzije, a o beti nema nikakvog govora. Druga stvar je to da su ukinuli pravo na refund. Sve to skupa mi izgleda da bi ova igra mogla biti samo još jedan oku ugodan trailer i ništa više, tako da ništa od mog preordera...

Skilledžija sub 2.4.2016 18:26

Jbga, ništa od streama.


"Dear users, our wish to show you Alpha version of project as soon as possible and as much as possible, which turned out to be a really bad Russian stream and delay of the English stream.The English stream is not going to happen today, it is postponed. Defenetly, we fully understand our fault and that we must redeem your trust.This is how much we wanted to show you our project, we've made some contests, various interactive events, but unfortunatly, happened what happened.We deeply apologize"


Ruski je bio, ali kratko.

Ja nisam ulovio jer sam mislio gledati samo ovaj u 19:00


Odgovor na pitanje što je s ruskim streamom:

"they started to show gameplay, and after 10 minutes discovered problems with loot spawn system, broadcast was paused – and idk what happened next"

haydara pon 4.4.2016 08:39

Ne izgleda bas kako sam zamisljo i kakav sam dojam dobio gledajuci prijasne videje, no dobro alpha je pa se nemre kritizirat previse dok ne vidimo vise toga. Za sada nemam prevelika ocekivanja no vidjet cemo.

Volume pon 4.4.2016 13:25
mrsmith kaže...

Ovaj ruski stream je zivi smijeh... a tako sam se nabrijao gledajuci one trailere. Potencijal do neba (kao i Division), a izvedba.. vidjeti cemo.

Čuješ na kraju strema da je liku igra digla živce pa je drmnija mišom o stol